Personal Survey

Name: Tess

Nicknames:  Tessie | Mess | Goofer | Little Bug (but please, just call me Tessie or Princess Tess)

Name you give to annoying guys at bar:   Samantha

Birthday & Star Sign:  April 29th – Taurus - 11:45pm (birth time is V important - ammiright, Moon Baes?!)

Hometown:  Anchorage, Alaska

Occupation:  Wardrobe Stylist

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator:  ENFJ- 2% of the population & apparently the same as Oprah & Obama...yaaaaas!!

Favorite food:  Fries, duh

Favorite flowers:  Orchids

Favorite Bible verse:  Psalm 143:5-10

Favorite holiday (you can say your birthday):  National Tess Weaver Day -April 29th | Easter | Christmas

First e-mail address:  malikasunshine@juno.com – I WANT IT BACK!

Top three favorite albums:  “Highly Refined Pirates” Minus the Bear | “Blink-182” Blink 182 | “Jars of Clay” Jars of Clay

Top three favorite films:  The Graduate | The Wizard of Oz | It’s a Wonderful Life | The Royal Tenenbaums*(four instead of three, okay?!)




Why blogging?

It’s no secret, I’m kind of all over the place (but like, in a good way, DUH!).  I adore my lounge time with Hulu but even then, I’m always thinking about something fun & beautiful I want to share with the world!  A blog is the perfect umbrella to house everything I want to share!  Thank you for supporting me on my journey & I apologize in advance for any poor grammar you will find- maybe make it a game for yourself?!

How did I get started as a Stylist / Costumer?

I wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry for as long as I can remember (yes, I wrote the Disney Channel when I was nine asking how to be on their channel & bless their hearts they recommended moving to LA & getting an agent - shout out to Shia LeBeouf for making it happen all on his own!) So there’s where the dream stemmed from.  The dream came to life through of series of events: 

-Working at Nordstrom off & on throughout high school & college.

-Going to college at FIDM San Francisco where I worked internships (Benefit Cosmetics Corporate & Nordstrom Retail) & volunteered at any posh event I could.

-Working a few seasons at New York Fashion Week as a production assistant.

-Returning home to Alaska & working local commercials & films.  

I was working all the time & always expressing my hopes & dreams with those around me.  A friend of my brother & I connected me with a wonderful mentor, Nicole, who worked as a costumer in Los Angeles.  Alaska had a film incentive in place & Nicole recommended me as a production assistant for the first studio feature. On the film, I was trained under phenomenal set costumers & shortly worked my way up to a costumer position & joined an entertainment union.  I have since been blessed with multiple film & commercial opportunities through my union & freelance business, tessiestyle.com.  Freelance & film work isn’t all glamour all the time, I absolutely adore it but If it wasn’t for the great support & encouragement of my family, friends, & colleagues- I would have been back to the corporate grind years ago!


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