Y'all, I have an opportunity to pretty much be Elle Woods aka represent the not only the state of Alaska but also all of you and those you care about by joining Beautycounter in earning a trip to advocate support of The Personal Care Products Safety Act (S.1113) the beginning of March 2018 in Washington, D.C. 


Like most people I didn't know what I didn't know in regards to what potentially harmful ingredients were in my personal care and cosmetic items.  About eight years ago I made the lifestyle change to an overall plant-based diet, I was introduced to a greater collection of essential oils other than lavender and started to use them to replace fragrance as well as make my own home products.  But, I was lost in where to go and what to wear in regards to makeup.

As an amateu makeup artist l was frequently approached to join and sell directly to people through numerous cosmetics companies.  This continued on to my adulthood when I became a professional makeup artist so when Beautycounter came on the scene, I was of course, approached as well to join.  Like all those times before, I wasn't interested.  I wasn't interested until my friend, Kate, showed me a video on why Beautycounter Founder, Gregg Renfrew, started the company:

I was awestruck after watching and knew I absolutely had to be apart of this mission.  I owed it not only to myself and everyone I cared about - but also all those I was yet to meet and future generations to educate and advocate for change.  I was eager to try the products and gratefully, as most of you all can attest from my videos and posts over the last two years, they are just as high-performing and incredible as they are beautiful and safe!  Beautycounter products have taken over my entire beauty routine as well as what I use while when working on set as a professional makeup artist. 

I have so much pride being apart of Beautycounter.  Encouraging others to feel beautiful in their own skin has always been such an important aspect of my life and using products that are non-harmful has become just as important to my heart. 

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1- Shop with me on my Beautycounter site: 
Replace a personal care/cosmetics item you are almost out of or try something new!
**Don't forget to add a Band of Beauty Membership to your cart for free shipping on orders over $100, 15% back in product credit on each purchase to be used within 60 days, a gift with initial sign up purchase of $50 or more (not including membership price) AND exclusive offers/ability to shop and try products first!**

2- Let me take care of your holiday shopping!  
*Email me your holiday gift list and corresponding price points:
(Think about babysitters, teachers, coaches, hostess gifts, office staff, neighbors, BFFs, and on and on!)
*I will send you a list of Beautycounter gift suggestions for your review.
*Upon your approval, I will order for you! Plus I will wrap and DELIVER (or mail)!

3- Contact me ( to host a social in the month of December or January inviting friends + family to learn about Beautycounter's mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone.  Smaller groups are better but of course, the more the merrier AND it's legit truly always simple and a lot of fun!  If you are out of state, the social can also be online!

4- Send this blog post to friends + family members you know would love to hear about Beautycounter and support my advocacy trip to D.C.!

5- JOIN THE MISSION.  Become a Beautycounter Advocate Consultant on my team!  Beautycounter is taking TWO of the top-earning personal sales and team building Consultants from EACH STATE and you know I would love to represent with YOU!

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THANK YOU for reading and for your support.