One Item Three Costumes: White Faux Fur Vest #AKHALLOWEEN

I've partnered with two of the coolest ladies in Anchorage:  bloggers Natasha Price of Alaska Knit Nat and Leslie Boyd Shroyer of AK ShopGirl  for the month of October to bring you a different Halloween theme every week with an uber fabulous curated collection of costumes, décor, crafts, and last-minute ideas.  In addition, Anchorage traveling speakeasy, The Sawbuck, will contribute fancy cocktail recipes, and the dopest DJ Spencer Lee will contribute a playlist to complete the mix #PartyUp. 

This week’s theme is inspired by Maurice Sendak's “Where the Wild Things Are."  

I have been given the challenge of styling three different costumes surrounding a single item, this week's being the white faux fur vest Leslie used to create her Max costume in her post here.  Alright, time to put my styling skills to the test.

I coveted the oversized furry vest statement since Zoebots started wearing them back in ’05.  They all looked so layered and fabulous and it was just such a D.G.A.F. attitude, I had to get on the bandwagon myself.  The only difference was all the faux furry vests I bought were from F21 and got so matted I ended up looking helpless and in need of a comb to untangle the discounted piece.  I rocked a cotton candy pink colored one my first official day as a set costumer on the first major motion picture I worked on and boy did I make a statement.  I made a “this vest is so low-qual it’s shedding every step I take and I should probably just straight up retire it since we were working on a hot set statement.”  Not a powerful fashion force statement really, but a statement nonetheless.  Start and end of my fancy faux fur vest experience, right there.  I still swoon over them when fall collections roll around and mass retailers feature them looking photo-shopped perfect in ad campaigns.  Pretty much what I’m saying is since I can’t wear the item in everyday situations, I’m all about breaking them out for Halloween, a day where you can be anything and host any attitude you darn well please!

When asked to style three different costume ideas around the fur vest, my mind of course went Rachel Zoe, M.K. & A, and Real Housewives of New York.  Since, R.Zoe and M.K. & A can cross over pretty easily with the oversized bags and mega Starbs cups, I humbly swapped M.K. & A out for the woman I think sums up everything that is wrong with the world, Kim Kardashian.  I’m just giving you guys an excuse to over line your lips, stuff your backside with pillows, and act vain AF.  You’re welcome.  The point of these one item three different costumes posts are not only to show how my styling talent extends past outdoor Alaska clothing, but technically it’s a frugile and last minute way to shop your closet.  If you don’t want to be frugile, but instead frivolous, feel free to use these posts as an excuse to shop and add things you have always wanted to add to your closet, okay?! 

The lovely Leslie has a dream closet and she looks friggen stunning in every clothing item she threw on so shout out to her for being my model and making everything look so simple!

Costume Number 1:  Rachel Zoe

This past spring I said I wanted everyone in high waisted flares so if you haven’t listened yet, go buy some right now, partner them with a long flowy blouse, big ass wedges, an oversized bag and sunnies, and the biggest Starbs cup ever.  Make your hair wavy and beachy because it’s so easy to do (yeah right), maybe throw on a turban and absolutely throw on a long necklace, scarlett lipstick, enormous cocktail rings, and an even bigger “I’m flawless and fabulous deal with it right now” ego.  You can also go evening glam as R.Zoe by wearing a sequined dress under the vest and just screaming “BANANAS” at EVERYONE.  Totally up to you, it’s your Halloween, you make the decisions.

Costume Number 2: Kim Kardashian

I mean, you might as well.  Throw on anything black and tight fitting, slick back your hair into a low bun, grab whatever oversized hoops your wore when club life was mad real, contour the f outta yo face, throw on any heeled shoe, take a selfie every five seconds and tell people you will be selling copies for $25 at a TBD time but they can pre-order now, cash only.  If anyone gives you ANY attitude, just remind them you are better than them because of all your plastic surgery and the fact that you are rich.  Oh gosh, this sounds so awful, I already regret swapping her in when I could be talking about Olsen’s right now!!

Costume Number 3:  Real Housewife of New York

Ok, I’ve never even watched this show, but any excuse to attempt to look classy classy CLASSY and whine about being frail, gold digging and being exhausted from sassing around the nannies.  Pretty much any Banana Republic pencil skirt works for this especially when partnered with any Nine West pump and corresponding BR blouse from the same collection / season of the skirt.  Pearls are a bitter Manhattanites best friend and sense of security so throw those on and make sure your hair is perfectly blown out and set.  Now pour a cocktail glass with drink of choice, act like Andy Cohen is on speed dial and you are set, Park Ave Princess!

Thank you for checking out my posts- I hope you are inspired!  Be sure to pop over to Alaska Knit Nat for her smashing and delightful floral arrangement here and check back next Friday for my next post!