One Item Three Costumes: Plaid Shirt #AKHALLOWEEN

I've partnered with two of the coolest ladies in Anchorage:  bloggers Natasha Price of Alaska Knit Nat and Leslie Boyd Shroyer of AK ShopGirl  for the month of October to bring you a different Halloween theme every week with an uber fabulous curated collection of costumes, décor, crafts, and last-minute ideas.  In addition, Anchorage traveling speakeasy, The Sawbuck, will contribute fancy cocktail recipes, and the dopest DJ Spencer Lee will contribute a playlist to complete the mix #PartyUp. 

This week’s theme is "Woodland Creatures"

I have been given the challenge of styling three different costumes surrounding a single item, this week's being the classic plaid shirt.   Alright, time to put my styling skills to the test.

This is my “give back” to men portion of the series.  When “plaid shirt” was assigned I immediately thought “Tilted Kilt Bus Boy” meaning, never nude denim cutoffs, hiking socks tucked into sweet lumberjack boots, and a plaid shirt pulled up and tied!  SUPER CUTE!!  Unfortunately and reasonably, Natasha did not think her husband would go for this, model wise, so we will now take a moment of silence for the costume that could have been.  Special shout out to Stephen for being such a wonderful model during this post!

Costume Number 1:  Lumberjack

Ok, so this is an easy fall back costume, I will own up to that.  I will also own up to being IN LOVE with the Lumberjack show I saw at the Alaska State Fair last month and men who legit cut wood and can fend for themselves in the wilderness, all while wearing a plaid shirt!  Amazing!  

Costume Number 2: Truck Driver

I think the best part about the Truck Driver costume is the stories you can make up / tell in regards to the places you have driven to.  I also suggest changing your accent and where you are from with each story.  Another bonus is you can carry a travel mug and put whatever you drink want in it AND you can carry / eat a bunch of snacks throughout the night because, a truck driver doesn't have time for leisure stops, when they're on the road, they're SNACKIN'!! 

Costume Number 3:  Urban Outfitters Employee

Like most hipsters, our model was too cool to model this outfit, and I don't blame him!  Set the tone for coolness at any party you go to by bringing a playlist of "newly discovered bands" and just say "it's no big deal, music is for everyone." if someone compliments the playlist.  Give people fashion / life advice free of charge and if the party is really awkward and lame make it even more awkward by taking people's coats and offering to "put it in a dressing room for them."

Thank you for checking out my post- I hope you are inspired!  Be sure to pop over to Alaska Knit Nat for her DIY Fresh Garland Tutorial and pop over to AK Shopgirl for Woodland Creature Sights and Sounds, Costumes, and the Squirrel Cache cocktail from the Sawbuck! Check back here next Friday for my next post!