Dream Job Profile: Holistic Health Coach + Creative Director, Jessica Zanotti

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

Jessica Zanotti

Los Angeles, CA

Holistic Health Coach + Creative Director

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

Describe what a Holistic Health Coach is:
A Holistic Health Coach takes a holistic approach when working with individual clients to help them implement food and lifestyle changes specific to their body and needs to feel their best from the inside out.

In my practice, I help clients get clear on areas in their lives that feel out of balance; whether that be physical, environmental or emotional. Once we identify what is causing these areas to feel out of balance, we work together to break down habits and create actionable steps to build them back up again, often times using creativity as a key to reaching alignment within. 

We work to implement positive behavior modifications, alter their diet and exercise regimen and I offer a holistic approach to all of the above. Holistic Health Coaches act as accountability coaches and are different and more effective than your typical doctor or psychiatrist, because we work together step by step as a team, and I think that connection is special! 

You have a creative background including fashion styling + directing - what drew you to become a HHC and when did you get started?
What drew me to become a Holistic Health Coach was my own healing journey. After working in the fashion industry for 8 years, though incredibly fun and exciting, it became very stressful, exhausting and unhealthy. I started to feel very depressed and disconnected from the work I was doing, and I had no time or energy to take care of myself. I experienced an alarming burnout and at that time started looking into holistic healing, since the medications I had been given to deal with my anxiety only made things worse in the end. I started meditating, got into yoga, started seeing healers and basically became obsessed with everything that involved holistic wellness. I was learning so much while experiencing my own healing, and since I had always felt like meaningful work and helping others was missing from my life, I felt that I had to share all of this knowledge with others. I had been hearing about Integrative Nutrition School and decided to sign up to get formal training to become a Health Coach. The healing journey itself began two years ago and I just launched my practice two months ago. 

Has holistic healing always been apart of your life?
Honestly, it never was. I didn’t even know it existed until two years ago when I started getting into all of this. I used to be the person making fun of those that took spirituality seriously and I didn’t understand why people would spend money on massages or take the time to take baths at night. I had no concept of self-care and no idea that there were other ways to cope with my anxiety besides medications. Of course, now I’ve become the person I used to make fun of; I get all the massages, take all the baths and am a major advocate for meditation. ;)

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

Describe a typical day as a HHC:
I’ve been a freelance stylist + creative director for 8 years and now as a Holistic Health Coach, 

I have found that when you are a solopreneur, no matter what field you are in, no day is ever really the same.

That being said, my morning routine is one thing that stays consistent. My days always start with meditation and tea in the morning. Then I move onto either a yoga session or a walk, and I eat a nourishing breakfast. As far as work, each day is different. I may be meeting with clients for sessions, taking them on farmers market tours or helping them detox their kitchens and closets. Email correspondence with clients when they have questions is part of the job. Every once and a while I try to make time to write posts for my website, send out newsletters and do some social media upkeep. I may be writing or curating guest posts for other wellness, travel or creative focused sites/magazines. Some days I may be attending workshops to continue learning, to benefit my own personal growth and my practice. I am constantly researching and experimenting with new natural beauty brands, foods, recipes, healthy restaurants, farmers markets, etc. to inform my practice and what I recommend to my clients. Planning future projects is ongoing. 

Within all of this, I try to find time to meditate in the middle of the day or have a moment in nature. Connecting with people for lunch, dinner or midday walks is always nice when working from home starts to feel isolating. 

Never a typical day, but that’s the way I prefer to work! 

Have you completely left fashion behind or do you still work as a Creative Director and Content Curator?
I still do projects that speak to me and are in alignment with my values. Creativity is such a big part of my life and always will be. I get so much joy from creating a mood and telling a visual story. Now, I aim to work with fashion, lifestyle and wellness brands with intention, who support sustainability, or that incorporate spirituality into their work.

For me, creativity and spirituality go hand in hand. Meditation and nourishing myself mind, body, soul helps me tap into my creativity on a deeper, more authentic level, and creating is an outlet for me to express what I want to say, and what I dream of, through art.

I have found that as a Health Coach, helping others with what I have been through is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding and so far serves as a perfect compliment to my creative direction work, especially because all of my clients are in the creative industry. I understand the way their mind works and the incredible demands and pressures they face. 

image + styling c/o: @jess_zanotti

image + styling c/o: @jess_zanotti

How do you stay inspired?
I stay inspired by immersing myself in nature, art, and film. When I’m feeling uninspired I like to create something, whether that be writing, visual content, or cooking a new dish. Pinterest always visually inspires me. Seeing, learning and experiencing new things as often as possible keeps the inspiration flowing, which is why I love attending workshops and have many on my list for 2018.

What is essential in your workspace? Ie: mood, music, tea- how do you get into your creative and healing flow?
Tea. Palo Santo. Jazz Music. Inspiring photos/quotes that are visible. 
When I need to tap into my healing flow I’ll drink tea, light some incense, and sit, focusing on my breathe to ground down. When I need to tap into a more uplifting creative energy, I’ll turn on Bossa Nova or Taylor Swift, light some Palo Santo and dance around the room!

How have your surroundings helped develop you as a HHC?  
LA is basically the hub of wellness, it’s all the rage in this town right now. It provides access to all kinds of meditations, healers, yoga, reiki, infrared saunas, workshops- you name it. So that makes it easy to continue to learn about health and wellness and to have a community of like-minded individuals. Traveling for wellness retreats has given me a lot of insights as well, and those experiences allow me to bring a unique approach to what I do. I attended a wellness retreat in Tulum, where I was immersed in the incredibly spiritual culture and was able to work with native Mayan healers. I am deeply interested in learning from other cultures and working with / learning from indigenous healers, and I aim to continue to immerse myself in more cultural experiences like this, that shape who I am as a person, therefore who I am and what I have to offer as a coach.

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

What do you look forward to most when coaching a session?
When clients have “a-ha” moments, and write their own prescription for what they need at the moment. I believe that everyone is their own healer, and sometimes they just need prompts, someone to ask the right questions or to be truly seen and heard to discover the answers on their own. I’m here to guide, not to tell them what to do. And of course, feedback of healing that is happening for them is incredibly exciting and healing for me as well. 

What can people expect from a session and how can they prepare?
Every session is different! The goal is always to help clients find balance in areas where they are lacking fulfillment. I have a number of tools and exercises we use to get clear on what is causing these areas in their life to feel out of balance. I’ll typically give them “homework” after each session, and we just continue to walk towards their goals together, adjusting as needed, session by session. 

There is nothing you really need to do to prepare, except maybe go into it knowing that this IS work and you have to be willing to do the work! I’ve been lucky enough to have clients that are ready and willing to take on the challenges, which is amazing. In my opinion, the inner work is the most important work there is! 

What is some advice you would give to someone starting out that you wish someone gave to you?
If you start to lose faith, just trust that pull you feel towards what you are building, you are being guided. 

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

What are some of your favorite healing remedies?

  1. Mineral Hot Springs- the minerals are SO nourishing, on such a deep level.
  2. Aromatherapy- I love using essential oils as natural remedies for pretty much anything. Peppermint Oil for headaches, Lavender to relax, Palo Santo to ground. I use this book that offers tons of recipes for essential oil treatments.
  3.  Herbs- plants are so powerful! Like essential oils, herbs can treat just about anything. I want to further my studies and learn more about herbalism in the future.

How can people sign up for a session with you?
They can email me at jessica.t.zanotti@gmail.com

If someone is new to HHC and a bit intimidated to reach out for a session - what encouragement do you have for them?!
I’ve been there, I get it! I was intimidated, nervous and 100% a skeptic about holistic health, spirituality, meditation, all of it. It may seem a little out there. But if you feel the pull, have any interest, or have tried other Western remedies that just aren’t working out, it’s worth a shot. 

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

What is your mantra?!
“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

“Grow through what you go through.”

“This too shall pass.”

And my fave quote that got me through some really tough times: 

“Be easy, take your time. You are coming home to yourself.”  -Nayyirah Waheed 

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

image c/o: @jess_zanotti

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