Industry Profile: Kelsey Close

Kelsey Close

International Fashion Model

When did you get started in the industry?  
I was scouted and signed at 14, but I waited until I was 18 and had finished high school to pursue modeling full time. 

What was the biggest challenge in getting started?
For me, it was a very slow start and full of rejection and let downs. Even now I have slow periods with hardly any work, then all of a sudden I'm extremely busy and dreaming of a vacation. Rejection is a constant in this industry, but as you work more, the easier it is to deal with. 

What did/do you do to overcome doubt/stay inspired to continue to pursue your dream?  
I just remember how lucky I am to have this experience. I came from a pretty small town, and now I get to travel the world and work with talented people. Every time I get sad, I try to keep things in perspective and remember that at the end of the day I am blessed to have what I have. I remind myself to work harder and not waste this opportunity. 

What are your top three modeling experiences?
1.) Walking for Betsey Johnson in my first fashion week.
2.) Being featured in a Calvin Klein presentation. (One of my favorite labels).
3.) Shooting a shoe campaign and having my mom see my picture in stores around the world.

Most embarrassing modeling experience?  
During Paris fashion week, I went to a very important casting for a world renowned designer with Nutella on my face. 

Describe a typical day when on a job:
It really depends on what I'm doing, which changes everyday.  Somedays it's running around New York City for castings. Sometimes it's photoshoots which usually take the whole day, sometimes two. During fashion week it's a mix of castings, fittings, shows, and presentations then flying to the next city and doing it all again.

What is some advice you would give to someone starting out that you wish someone gave to you? 
Most models don't make it right off the bat. If you want a solid career, you have to be prepared to put time and energy into it. Be patient and keep your head up. 

Who is your favorite designer?  
Such a hard question... Calvin Klein, Acne, and who doesn't love a great pair of Louboutins?

What are your off duty style/beauty staples?  
I love my Cheap Monday jeans, and Acne boots. I also use Dermalogica skincare products which keeps my skin beautiful. And of course Maybelline mascara.