Style Profile: Tina Briley

Tina Briley is incredibly effortlessly glamorous.  Her lifestyle is honestly like Pinterest in real life and I can't stop looking at her feed, @allmypretties.  I wish she would launch her own editorial but in the meantime, I am thankful for her doses of inspirational and sophisticated fashion moments and lovely spirit!

image c/o: @allmypretties

image c/o: @allmypretties

Tina Briley 

Decade in life:
80's because, style was colorful, big and bold!! The 80's were good, man!

Describe your personal style:
Currently playing with street style and streetwear brands like Off White,  Vetements and Palm Angels. I love to pair a streetwear brand with a classic or iconic piece. 

Favorite color and print to wear:
Black, I know! But it's so classy/sexy and chic!

image c/o: @allmypretties

image c/o: @allmypretties

Go to outfit for instant confidence and sophistication: 
High waisted trouser, fitted bodysuit or semi crop top and a pair of Iriza 100 mil Loubis. This to me is a great base outfit for any additional pieces to be added like...jacket, faux fur, blazer... 

Signature scent:
Currently playing with my Derek Lam 10 Crosby kit...a scent for every mood, I have a lot of! But for the most part something spicy with a hint of masculine.

Most coveted piece in closet:
Currently my black Versace high-waisted pants. 

Most lusted item you don’t own:
Chanel jacket.

image c/o: @allmypretties

image c/o: @allmypretties

Top three favorite places to shop: 
1- Net a Porta
2- Ssense
3- Farfeitch 

Favorite season and why:
Fall! I love boots, jackets and chunky sweaters.

Film that best defines your personal style:
I’m not sure if this exactly defines me, but I wish Ihad every clothing, jewelry, and shoe in Great Gatsby.

I never leave the home without: 
A pair of bossy shades

image c/o: @allmypretties

image c/o: @allmypretties

I feel most beautiful in: 
My Christian Loubis!

Fashion Icons:
Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, and Idon't love them, but those damn Kardashians are always on point!

Five classic essentials you think every lady should own: 
1- A pair of proper fitting jeans
2- Crisp white cotton shirt
3- Bossy pair of black pumps
4- Icon bag from favorite designer
5- A killer leather/ faux jacket 

Designer worth checking out:
Any high street brand, currently favoring Topshop and Misguided. 

image c/o: @allmypretties

image c/o: @allmypretties

image c/o: @allmypretties

image c/o: @allmypretties

Favorite instagrams to lurke: 

Trend you wish never happened:
Unicorn hair, I don't get it! 

Advice to those establishing personal style:
Only wear it if you love it!

When in doubt:
Put on your Loubis and go!

image c/o: @allmypretties

image c/o: @allmypretties

Never be afraid to:
Try something new. If you are curvy try something fitted, if you are thin try something baggy!

image c/o: @allmypretties

image c/o: @allmypretties

Keep up with Tina and her incredible style via her instagram @allmypretties 

Styling Session by BaiFray Dejong

Last fall I got to be styled and captured by the ultimate cool cat, @baifraydej (lurke her insta NOW for instant OMG! inspiration.)  We took to the streets of Anchorage  and were lucky enough to play dress up at one of my favorite boutiques, Circular, located at 320 W 6th Ave #132 in downtown Anchorage. 


H&M lands in Anchorage- July 16th! *SPECIAL GIVEAWAY POST*

My hometown of Anchorage, Alaska is getting a H&M & it's all very exciting!  The big opening is set for noon on July 16th at the Dimond Center- 800 E. Dimond Blvd., pretty much where Round Table used to be.  Relax, Round Table has relocated downstairs by the ice rink so you can still get your garlic parmesan twists with ranch whenever needed, okay?!

Details you need to know about the Grand Opening:

-The first 500 shoppers in line will receive an Access to Fashion Pass, valued anywhere from $10-$300. I know, pray for $300!

- Customers are encouraged to bring donated clothing to the opening (customers are also invited to drop off donation items in bags the morning of the 16th before the opening at noon.) Any customer who donates during the opening will receive a voucher for 15% off their entire next purchase for each bag of donated clothing.  Ladies & Gentlemen time to clean out your closets!  Get uber helpful closet clean out tips by reading this blog post by yours truly!

- Any customer who brings in donated garments before the store opens at noon will also have a chance to win H&M gift cards valid anywhere between $50-100 in addition to receiving the voucher.  #DoubleTheFun

To make matters even MORE fun, I got to play dress up with a fabulously curated collection of H&M clothing & accessories.  My friend Elisa of Meringue Studio & I of course made a photo-shoot out of the occasion, which I will now share, complete with details & "vibes" on each look.  *I seriously said out-loud today "I don't want to hear the word 'vibes' anymore in 2015." & would you look what just happened?!

Look 1:

I was immediately obsessed with this dress.  I felt like modern day Britney Spears, totally refreshed & fabulous, so obvs. this is my pop star album cover pose!

Look 2:

Here's a dress from the Conscious collection.  I love a sweater dress & this one especially felt so 90s Sharon Stone to me, in the best way possible!  I made the look less Basic Instinct by adding the long beaded earrings.

Look 3:

Oh hi.  This is my boho beach princess look.  This dress is also from the Conscious collection & I felt so magical in it!  The "crown" is actually a necklace, but whatever works, ammiright?!

Look 4:

I'm calling this my "brunch look" & anyone that doesn't believe I would wear a bikini top to brunch can treat me to brunch so I can prove it.  The color of this blazer is pure perfection to me & I totally paired it with the lace skirt as an attempt to class up the look. 

Look 5:

This look is so crisp & refreshing I'm almost disappearing into the background.  I'm not typically a wearer of all white colored garments but I felt so proper with the linen shirt & lace skirt pairing!  Can we just pretend I'm starring in the latest Nicholas Sparks film opposite Ryan Gosling who was "dying to work with me?"  This look has that appeal, yeah?!

Look 6:

Uh oh- someone just got cooler with their over sized faux leather vest.  Please don't be intimidated by the cool factor displayed in this photo.  I'm still the sweet leading lady wearing all white, about to receive a love letter from Ryan, as envisioned in the previous photo.  For anyone who is looking to play it cool 24/7 - simply rock this vest because it's everything I want fall 2015 to be! 

And now for the GIVEAWAY!!

Necklace + Bag + Earrings = All yours!!

Simply write a comment below expressing what you are most excited about with the opening of H&M in Anchorage or if you are outside of Anchorage, what you love most about H&M.  Contest ends Thursday, July 16, 2015 at 6pm Alaska time.  The names of all entries (make sure you post your full name when filling out the comment) will be entered & the winner will be pulled from a hat- old school style - & notified by Friday, July 17th!  *Open to US residents only.  Items will be shipped to winner via USPSItems are not able to be returned to H&M ;)  GOOD LUCK!!