Industry Profile: Reynolds Anderson

Reynolds Anderson

Assistant to Director of Film and TV

When did you get started in the industry? 
Went to film school in 2001 and started internships shortly after. But have been at paid jobs for 11 years now!

What drew you to the film and television industry? 
Have always loved movies for as long as I can remember. Watching Clockwork Orange when I was 12 probably wasn't normal for most kids but it was to me. 

Do you believe education is important in the role of producing and directing? 
Having strong knowledge of film is very important as well as doing the unpaid internships. I spent film school watching as many movies as possible and my current boss has said one of the reasons he hired me is because I have seen everything and when he references some obscure French film there is a good chance I have seen it too.

What are the biggest challenges in your career? 
Ha well this has changed many times! It mostly can boil down to a balance between work and personal life. Whether it's working horribly long hours on set and never seeing your friends or having to go out and "network" when you just want to binge watch Netflix with the dogs. It's very important to not get caught up in the whole lifestyle that is Hollywood and still remember who you are. 

What are your never leave the house without work essentials? 
My phone and extra power pack. 

Describe a typical day when on a job: 
The best part of my job is that it is different everyday! Somedays I am reading all day, making notes on projects we have and having writers meeting. If we are on set there is no telling what it could be. My job has included hiking on the Appalachian Trail, flying to Barrow, Alaska for the day or sitting in a sweltering warehouse in Los Angeles. 

What do you look forward to most when working on a new pilot? 
Meeting new people. The best projects are the ones you walk away from with a new best friend- aka the Reynolds and Tess story.

Who are some up and coming acting and comedy talents you consider worth mentioning? 
Oh gosh there are too many good ones! Comedy wise- I love Josh Thomas, Rob Delaney, Jenny Slate and Kristen Schaal. I'll watch anything that Ben Mendelsohn and Mireille Enos are in.

In my opinion, this is the golden age of television.  What if your professional opinion on this era of so many big screen actors turning to work on the silver screen?
They are following the great writing! With features everyone wants things to coming in around hour and forty minutes to two hours. With television you can have a much more drawn out story that they can take their time developing fantastic characters. Who wouldn't want to get five seasons to step in the shoes of Walter White!

What is some advice you would give to someone starting out that you wish someone gave to you? 
This is going to sound like very bad advice... but when I was starting out as a kid from NC trying to get internships I had almost no experience. I quickly realized I was not going to get anywhere with only lifeguard, swim coach and cake decorator on my resume. I wouldn't hire someone with only that either! Say you can do any computer program, if you get the job you can learn it instantly. I had a job where the big factor in getting hired was all about one program I had never heard of. So I said I knew it. Took me about five minutes to figure it out on my first day. Embellish any relevant experience you already have if that helps. You only have to get in the interview and sell yourself and your work will speak for itself.

What are your top ten must watch films? 
Gosh I don't feel I can just films! Silence of the Lambs, Wet Hot American Summer, The Exterminating Angel (62), Breaking Bad as a whole is perfect, The Comeback, Brief Encounter (45), 28 Days Later, Splendor in the Grass, Testament, Looking for Mr. Goodbar, I love Danny Boyle, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch and John Waters.