Style Profile: Bailey Fray Dejong

I think BaiFray may be the coolest lady I know thanks to her beautiful free spirit and heart for adventure mixed with the dopest closet on the planet.   She has always been two steps ahead of the game (actually probably three...if we're counting) of any "trend" because she is legit next level and it's honestly likely she's the one starting the trend in the first place.  Peep the pics + words of witty wisdom below and be sure to follow @BaiFrayDej for immediate inspiration! XO



Bailey Fray Dejong

Decade in Life:
Late twenties going on early eighties.

Describe your personal style:
Most of the time.. Western Grunge. Like a wayward cowboy stuck at a rock concert. But I'm an MK die hard and am a fan of oversized and black.

Favorite Color and print to wear:
Color: black. Print: if I ever wear print it is most likely stripes. 



Go to outfit for instant confidence and sophistication:
Black skinnies, white dress shirt and oversized black blazer.  

Signature scent:
Coco Chanel Mademoiselle

Most coveted piece in closet:
Cleobella fringe leather jacket, Faithful Shaggy Cardi by Free People, or my Jeffery Campbell western ankle boots. 

Most lusted item you don’t own:
Alexander McQueen's By The Light Of The Silver Moon Cape from AW16.



Top three favorite places to shop:
Urban Outfitters Men's
Free People

Favorite season and why:
I hate the cold... But Pre-Fall is probably my favorite. Chunky knits with a good pair of cut off denim. Bring on all the layers.

Film that best defines your personal style:
Underworld. Leather and black for life.

I never leave the home without:
My wallet.

I feel most beautiful in:
Structured silhouettes. 

Fashion Icons:
Maja Wyh, Erin Wasson, Alexa Chung, Mary Kate Olson, Nicole Richie, Ainsley Hutchence...  



Five classic essentials you think every lady should own:
White and black tee shirt, a good pair of denim, a statement jacket, and black boots.

Designer worth checking out:
This is the most difficult!! So many faves across the board…

Favorite website or periodical to lurke:  
It's tough because I don't have the attention span for diving into one particular blog or website. Because my style is all over the place, I find I like to pull from so many different outlets. When it comes to fashion, I'm all about imagery.  Instagram and Pinterest are platforms that I get sucked into the most, as I love seeing such a vast demographic of artists and bloggers.  I'm inspired by so many different facets, and I don't have a sort of "one stop shop" for inspiration or lurking purposes.

Must have travel needs:
Previously mentioned essentials, camera, a good book. I'm a seasoned traveler and hate traveling with anything more than what is necessary. 

image c/o: @BaiFrayDej

image c/o: @BaiFrayDej

Trend you wish never happened?  
I just have these flashbacks of wearing denim skirts over denim flares in 2003.  #noregrets

Advice to those establishing personal style:
Don't try and stick to one thing. I think we can become consumed with standing out and orchestrating what we wear to illustrate this perfect put-togetherness, that we don't allow room for just being comfortable. I wake up feeling different most days and just go with it, instead of trying to make sure I'm checking off my style check list. Be true to thine self. 

When in doubt:
Don't buy it. 

Never be afraid to:
Unbutton your pants after a satisfying meal.