Dream Job Profile: Image Consultant Mickela Lamb of Polished

image c/o: www.polishedak.com

image c/o: www.polishedak.com

Mickela Lamb

Image Consultant (a.k.a. guru for helping others look and feel their best!) Personal Branding Coach, Personal Shopper

Anchorage, Alaska

image c/o: www.polishedak.com

image c/o: www.polishedak.com

What inspired you to start Polished?
I have always LOVED helping others succeed by ensuring they feel empowered and confident.

I have always have been “that girlfriend” who received the text messages late at night to give guidance if the outfit coordinated, prepare someone for a hot date, coach them through interview prep or review a resume last minute. When the shopping trips expanded from my close circle to friends of friends, I figured there was a need and I naturally had a gift to help others! I am an Alaskan – growing up on St. Paul Island, moving to Fairbanks in Elementary school and transferred down to warmer Anchorage 6 years ago. 

Alaska is an amazing place, full of people who come from all walks of life but we do not ALWAYS have the best image.  One of my favorite things about Alaska is we come as we are, but we forget when we need to “up the bar.” I work to help close that gap from how an individual currently views themselves to how they want to be perceived by others in the workplace for example.

What was your major in school and how did it help you with starting your own business?
I earned my B.A. in Finance and an MBA at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  The MBA helped perfect my leadership and communication skills.

Image consulting is much more than cleaning out someone's personal closet.  What sets image consulting apart from a personal shopping appointment offered at a retail location?
Image Consulting is SO MUCH MORE than cleaning out someone’s closet! Image is the WHOLE PERSON – appearance, behavior, and communication.  The client’s face shape, body shape, career, lifestyle, budget, goals, etc..all play into their image.  Image Consulting will give the client the tools to execute their best look on their own.  Clients learn how to pair clothes that fit their body, have a color analysis which will tell them which colors balance out their skin tone, make them look younger, makeup colors, etc…  Image consulting takes into account the client’s overall goals, budget, current life situation to where they are wanting to go, it is a thorough view of a client in their entirety! A personal shopping appointment at a retail location will only help someone shop and recommend outfits for them in that particular brand and season.  Many personal shoppers do not have any formal training and work on commission, the more they sell the more they earn.  I am ALL about stretching that dollar further via consignment shopping, coupons, sales, etc..give me a budget and see me maximize it to address all the client’s needs.

image c/o: www.polishedak.com

image c/o: www.polishedak.com

How much time is needed for a personal styling session and what can one expect when scheduling their initial session with you:
Most female consultations take 2 – 2.5 hours, as there are a few more items to cover vs a male consultation that is 1.5 – 2 hours.  A consultation will give me a thorough picture of the client’s current goals, struggles, lifestyle, and budget which will help guide me.  Clients receive a color analysis which is SUPER beneficial for everyone!  Alaskan’s LOVE to wear black and black does not do a lot of people favors! We then move onto a vertical body analysis to understand the client’s proportions which will help guide me in giving them tips and tricks to INSTANTLY looking thinner and younger.  We also address body shapes, jewelry placement, make-up, levels of refinement, jewelry, hair styling, etc…essentially nothing is off limits! We cover it all!  It is extremely beneficial, has it will help clients save time and money as it will simplify their life and know what to buy and what to avoid.

In addition to working one on one with clients, you also offer products that help refine their style and get ready routines.  What are some of your favorite products / "essentials" you have available for clients?
I LOVE Monat for hair care products! I personally love love love MONAT!  I use it and it has changed my hair dramatically, simplifying my routine – I think I only wash my hair now once a week! I also highly recommend Beautycounter for skin care and makeup! I have a flawless in five make-up routine from Beautycounter.  I do not want women to think it has to be complicated, complex or time-consuming!

Shop Monat products with Mickela here:   mickelalamb.mymonat.com

Shop Monat products with Mickela here: mickelalamb.mymonat.com

Shop Beautycounter products with Mickela here:   beautycounter.com/mickelalamb

Shop Beautycounter products with Mickela here: beautycounter.com/mickelalamb

You offer Corporate Styling services as well as Workshops, what are some of the main benefits businesses and groups can experience after working with you:
Personal Branding is a HOT topic these days.  I also really enjoy educating other business professionals on what really is “business casual” in Alaska, best colors to wear networking, things to avoid that instantly discredit oneself, how to strategically prepare for an interview and land that next job, Social Media Image…the list can go on and on honestly!  There are a lot of topics that are relevant to the workplace, as Alaska is a casual state and many need to be reminded they need to step it up in the workplace. 

image c/o: www.polishedak.com

image c/o: www.polishedak.com

I truly believe there is a great deal of personal growth and empowerment that comes from investing in oneself through personal style.  Can you share a winning testimony or an "aha" moment a client experienced after working with you?
Oh yes!  This is my FAVORITE part, I love helping people feel more confident, empowered and be more effective as it radiates out to others.

I highly recommend making this investment in yourself! I can’t tell you how much I appreciated going through this process with a professional and very knowledgeable consultant. Mickela’s approach was perfect. She didn’t make me feel bad at all and was very matter-of-fact but warm. I feel so much more confident knowing what styles, colors, and cuts work with my complexion and body style. Eye-opening!!! Best of all, I’m not overwhelmed with my closet. That was such an added stress looking and thinking “I have nothing to wear”. I even did my own purge before this appointment. 4 large bags all together!! Now I walk in my closet knowing everything is just right. Such a time-saver in the morning!! Since this appointment, I’ve had a little more pep in my step. Thank you Mickela!!

Mickela’s expertise was evident as she quickly yet thoroughly identified a range of colors suitable for my complexion and body type. She walked me through a variety of points to consider when shopping for nice clothes, in my case, primarily for dating and casual dress. I normally prioritize function and comfort over style, so I can’t say enough how grateful I am that she was able to work with what I’ve got to polish my image. She is easy to work with, quick to spot areas of improvement and made the thought of going to buy clothes fun, which is not something I’ve ever said before

Extremely enriching experience. I learned so much to better present my professional and everyday image. I recommend Mickela wholeheartedly to anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives.

Could you please share a common mistake people are making with personal image that most people don't even realize they are making?
I see two sides of the spectrum; people are either trying too hard or don’t seem to care at all!  For my fellow Alaskan’s I wish people spent more time being mindful of how they show up, we forget we are role models to the younger generations, our friends, and family.

Something I truly want people to know about working with you as an image consultant is you are totally sophisticated and educated in your craft - but also completely approachable and your services are attainable for most people's budgets.  What words of encouragement do you have for those who may feel a bit intimidated by scheduling a consult with you?
Image does not have to be expensive, in fact, I PROMISE it will save you money immediately and in the long run, it truly is an investment in you! 

image c/o: www.polishedak.com

image c/o: www.polishedak.com

What is the best way for people to connect with you to book a consult?
Phone call, text message (907-750-7633), or an email (mickela@polishedak.com)

What are your never leave the house without essentials?
Lipstick, mascara, gum and a good pair of shoes. 😊

What advice would you give to someone interested in owning a business that you wish someone gave to you?
Go for it! Don’t even think twice, there are so many resources available!

image c/o: www.polishedak.com

image c/o: www.polishedak.com

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