One Item Three Costumes: Chambray Shirt #AKHALLOWEEN

I've partnered with two of the coolest ladies in Anchorage:  bloggers Natasha Price of Alaska Knit Nat and Leslie Boyd Shroyer of AK ShopGirl  for the month of October to bring you a different Halloween theme every week with an uber fabulous curated collection of costumes, décor, crafts, and last-minute ideas.  In addition, Anchorage traveling speakeasy, The Sawbuck, will contribute fancy cocktail recipes, and the dopest DJ Spencer Lee will contribute a playlist to complete the mix #PartyUp. 

This week’s theme is "Wes Anderson"

I have been given the challenge of styling three different costumes surrounding a single item, this week's being the classic plaid shirt.   Alright, time to put my styling skills to the test.

If you legit don’t have a chambray shirt in your closet, congratulations because you officially aren’t basic.  If you do, don’t beat yourself up- it’s honestly a staple that every “OMG no, I LOVE J.Crew!” girl had to have and now we are going to use it for three halloween costume options so hells yes!  Denim is an all American pride piece so try to be extra girl next door adorable with these costumes and say “God bless America!” whenever enthusiasm strikes.  

Costume Number 1:  Beyonce as Rosie the Riveter

Rosie was a badass and Beyonce is a badass so let’s combine the two so you can look intelligent by being historical and also extra multi faceted and talented by belting out Beyonce tunes all night, turning any beat that comes on to a mega dance fest if desired.  The hardest part of this costume is tearing yourself away from instagram for eight minutes so you can watch a youtube tutorial on how to wrap your hair with a bandana.  Oh my gosh, that was so difficult for me but just like Rosie I thrived, and somehow we got Leslie’s hair into that bandana.  Here’s a link to the tutorial we watched but be forwarned, the gal made it look super easy like poppin’ a tick tac and it wasn’t easy, sooooooo.

Costume Number 2:  Texas Tuxedo / Hoedown QUEEN

Pretty much this costume is an excuse to either A) go eat a ton of BBQ on Halloween or B) learn that hoedown throw down dance from the Hannah Montanna movie.  I know, I’m brilliant and kind for thinking of this.  Leslie made the costume look so friggen adorable with her sweet belt, boots, and pigtails can you even handle it?  Somebody buy this chick some biscuits with honey butter spread and ask her to boot scoot, plz!!

Costume Number 3:  GAP Employee and/or Model

The best idea I have for this costume is to make it a group thing and everyone dress like some type of mall employee.  Who’s got dibs on Aunt Annie’s Pretzels?!?! Who’s going to be the creepy mall kiosk guy passing out dead sea salt samples and telling every lady that walks past she’s pretty and to “give him 5 minutes?”  Finally, most important of all, who is going to be Hot Dog on a Stick?!! Ok, so this costume is only a decent idea and kind of lame but what if you actually convince people that you ARE a GAP model and you just came from a shoot and didn’t have time to change aka you are wearing SWAG and they can look for you around the holidays in ads across America!?

Thank you for checking out my post- I hope you are inspired!  Be sure to pop over to Alaska Knit Nat for her Wes Anderson dinner party table setting and pop over to AK Shopgirl for Wes Anderson consignment store costumes, a bumpin' Wes Anderson playlist from DJ Spencer Lee and the Lobby Boy cocktail from the Sawbuck! Special bonus from the ultra adorable, Fernanda Conrad of Living Alaska for a family inspired Steve Zissou costume!