Alaskana: My Favorite Alaskan Designers & Products

I love my home state and have so much pride being from Alaska.  Whenever I’m out of state, I adore boasting about the last frontier and everything my beautiful home state has to offer.  I also adore reppin’ Alaska made products as I love beautiful things and unique conversation pieces.  Alaska is filled with so many talented artists and product brands that each tell a story and are far from items found at the cliche tourist trap shops.  

Images and descriptions are rolling left to right, top to bottom.  Here we go!

The 49th Supply Co. Goods

The 49th Supply Co.  stands out in the realm of Alaska clothing brands.  Launched in fall 2013 The 49th Supply Co. is not your average screen printed t-shirt company.  Their mission is to offer simple and clean design with each piece specifically designed to ensure a custom quality feel. Each collection is directly inspired by Alaska’s outdoors.  They also have collections under their Artist Series Program, which uses photographs and designs from local artists.  The 49th Supply Co. stock lists include headwear, t-shirts, and outerwear available in limited stock quality (the hat pictured is from a previous collection, sorry!)  You can shop via their website,, or at local retailers such as AK Outerwear, and Zumiez in Anchorage; Borderline Legacy, and Sequence AK in Juneau.  Follow @the49thsupplyco on instagram for updates and to keep up with the sweet community surrounding the brand.

Jerrod Galanin Jewelry

Jerrod Galanin is a Tlingit Unangan artist hailing from Sitka, Alaska. His mediums include metal, paint, fish skin, animal hide and music.  Jerrod comes from a long line of Tlingit artists. His work is both contemporary and traditional and each of his pieces symbolize a story of great heritage.  I personally adore his heat treated copper bracelets as pictured above with hummingbird & salmonberry flower.  You can read about Jerrod’s artist mission and shop his collection at

Earth Girls Love__ Products

It’s likely Earth Girls Love__is going to become your new favorite lip balm, but the brand is so much more than a luxury beauty product that melts into your lips because it’s formulated with more oils and less wax.  Cocoa Rose, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, and unflavored lip balms were the pioneer products of Earth Girls Love__ which has since grown it’s product line to include tote bags, organic cotton t-shirts, and new beauty products in development.  Earth Girls Love__ creators, Ambre and Leah are passionate about safe beauty alternatives and giving back to their community and mother earth (i.e. 5% of t-shirt sales go to earth loving charities.)  You can shop EGL products and read more about their mission on their website,, and shop for them in Anchorage at the following retailers; Halo Salon, Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge, Midnight Sun Cafe, Dos Manos Gallery, Heritage Birth Centers, and Spirit Path Yoga.  Keep up with all things the Earth Girls Love via instagram @earthgirlslove___.

Arxotica Products

Arxotica Quyung-lii Anti-aging Skin Serum is one of the most unique skincare products on the market.  The Arxotica brand was started by Qissunamiut tribe triplets Cika, Michelle, and Amy Sparck, who harvest the hand picked botanical ingredients from Alaskan tundra once a year.  The tundra flowers, berries, greens, and herbs are exotic superfoods packed with micronutrient botanicals which offer supreme anti-aging results thanks to the lonalong with incredible moisture benefits and sun damage.  The company also offers botanical soaps and tundra potpourri. Shop and learn more at

Claimjumper Goods

Claimjumper, designed by Joel Loosli, is one of the most clever ways to display your love for Alaska, thanks to their subtle and artistic prints.  With something for everyone including ties, cufflinks, hoodies, hats, t-shirts, leggings and gorgeous silk “Alaskarves” you are sure to make any Alaskan’s day by gifting them a Claimjumper piece.  Available online at

Qiviut Knits

Qiviut knits are without a doubt the softest and coziest textile ever.  Made from the naturally shedding underwool from Arctic musk ox, Qiviut is ultra-lightweight, non-itchy and won’t shrink.  It is also warmer than wool (eight times warmer to be exact) and each piece whether it be a hat, headband, scarf, or smoke ring, displays a signature pattern from the knitter’s Alaskan Village.  Qiviut knits can be purchased at the co-op store in downtown Anchorage or online at

Alaska Fur Moccasins and Slippers

I am typically not big on fur, but I have respect and admiration for traditional Alaska Native pieces such as slippers and mittens. Being Alaskan born and raised, I have developed great appreciation and interest in Alaska Native culture and tradition (beadwork, anyone?!)  The Gift Shop at the Alaska Native Medical Center has an impressive collection of slippers as well as other incredible Native Alaskan art pieces.

Alaska Glacial Mud Facial Products

You have not experienced a mud mask until you have experienced an Alaska Glacial Mud Facial!  Okay, I love me a charcoal mask but they honestly don’t compare to a Glacial Mud Facial.  Developer, Lauren Padawer, was ahead of her time with realizing the potential of a perfectly detoxifying, exfoliating, skin smoothing beauty revolution that was right under her feet all while being environmentally friendly and free of toxins and synthetics. On top of being a beauty treat, Alaska Glacial Mud Co. contributes 10% of all profits to local organizations that love, work and fight for wild salmon wilderness preservation, habitat restoration, watershed education and sustainable community development (via: and became a Certified B Corp in 2014.  Check out to shop for face and body products, learn more about their giving back missions and get major Girl Boss inspiration from Lauren!

Blair Lauren Brown Jewelry

Blair Lauren Brown is a fourth generation Alaskan jeweler and honestly all her jewels are next level.  Every piece is hand finished and hosts a historical edge, at times combining raw uncut diamonds with 24k gold nuggets.  All stones used are conflict free and you can see Blair’s love for her Alaskan upbringing as well as rugged but beautiful preservation in each design.  Check out her look books, shop her collections and listen to her story at