How to Deal: Missing People You Care About


Sometimes in life, we experience endings in things we didn't expect or desire to ever have an end date.

I'm talking about job losses, breakups, pretty much any situation that causes a major shift in your life that was out of your control and something that wasn't your decision or that you personally had much say over. 

These times are oh so difficult on both sides - and can come with great loss including no real closure, especially with so many people you care about that were impacted due to the shift.  

After my relationship ended, of course, I had people and animals I loved and cared deeply about that I really didn't get to say "farewell for now" to and ohhhh it's a big part of daily aches and tears in the healing process of change.

I never expected to be so "deep" and "personal" on my blog but at the same time, I'm pleased to share my heart and situational shifts in my life in hopes it can help provide for those experiencing similar changes and painful times in their lives.

My dear friend and Life Coach, Leah Hart, shared a Light Projector Excercise for Empaths from the Insight Timer app with me. If you haven't heard of Insight Timer - it is a free app filled with thousands of free guided meditations and has a timer where you can create your own meditations. 

This particular meditation/exercise is from Contributor, Trevor Lewis.  It's under 10 minutes and has helped me immensely in projecting love and goodness to the people I care about and miss deeply daily. 

Trevor describes the exercise:
"We suffer as empaths when we are only in receptor mode, we thrive as empaths when we step into healer mode.  We need to keep our spiritual energies in motion and this technique is both a protection exercise and a healing exercise that keeps the energy moving through us in ways that many popular shielding exercises do not.  This exercise is the number one visualization that I share with anybody who picks up energy from other people.”

Step 1: Start off by grounding.  Imagine roots coming out from your legs going deep down into the Earth.

Step 2: Connect up to the Divine allowing the energy to fill up your whole body.

Step 3: Project out to the people around you.

With this exercise I envision the Care Bears when they are all lined up, holding hands, projecting out love all around them.  When I am having times of sadness where I miss people and wish I could reach out or hug them, I turn that moment into connecting down, connecting up and projecting out - sending all the love and blessings to those people - just like the Care Bears!


Check out the "Light Projector Exercise for Empaths" by Trevor Lewis on the Insight Timer App next time you are missing loved ones you care about or desire to project light and love into the world!