Style Profile: Sarah Lewis

I've never met Sarah in person, but I was instantly drawn to her inviting, honest, and kind spirit via instagram!  I have a highly curated list of under 25 people I follow on social media, and when I received a follow from "The Bright Change" (now @sarahlewisco) I was so intrigued by such a lovely and beautiful handle! 
THE - BRIGHT - CHANGE: adding such light, ease, and comfort to something (change) that can be seen as an intimidation.  Sarah's feed is full of beauty, truth, travel journeys, strength, hope, and encouragement.  It has been such a pleasure to connect with Sarah from across the globe and just as God / the Universe do - I feel like you connect with the right people at the right time who are following similar paths and have similar light and love they are projecting out!  I am so excited to share Sarah's style profile, the first ethical fashion based style profile on the blog...
E N J O Y!  xoxox

image c/o: @sarahlewisco

image c/o: @sarahlewisco

Sarah Lewis

Geneva, Switzerland - for now ;-)

I’m studying online to become a holistic health coach, but still working full time.

Decade in Life:

image c/o: @sarahlewisco

image c/o: @sarahlewisco

Describe your personal style:
I think I went through a period where my style was simple/minimal/chic with a lot of black and neutrals. I still love that, but now I feel I am transitioning back to the style I had when I was 17. I think I am going back to what I naturally gravitated towards and loved before I thought I should look a certain way (for work, to impress etc.). So I would say my style is going back to a kind of boho chic and feminine style, with hippie vibes, flowy dresses. But I will be more able to express that when Summer comes around J

Favorite color and print to wear:
I love black, blue, white and colorful ethnic/floral prints.

Go to outfit for instant confidence and sophistication:
Winter: thigh high boots, skirt, large sweater and faux shearling rider jacket

Summer: flowy dress, basket bag, sunglasses and raffia slip-ons

Year-round: yoga clothes and ethical Veja sneakers (+ Patagonia puffer jacket)

Signature scent:
I love a good woody/spicy fragrance. Think sandalwood, cloves, cedarwood, patchouli with notes of citrus and fresh flowers.

image c/o: @sarahlewisco

image c/o: @sarahlewisco

Most coveted piece in closet:
Stella McCartney bag (but it’s actually my sister’s) & vintage denim skirt.

Most lusted item you don’t own:
A Stella McCartney bag that would be my own.

Favorite places to shop:
I like to shop in small boutiques that have a good selection and not too many choices (& preferably ethical/eco-conscious), I also like to shop in vintage stores or second-hand stores that have carefully selected their clothes. But most of the time I’ll shop online and look for gems from eco/ethical brands.

Favorite season and why: 
Summer, because minimal clothing is required. I can just slip on a nice dress and be good to go.

image c/o: @sarahlewisco

image c/o: @sarahlewisco

I never leave home without:
iPhone + earphones, a book (or audiobook), a notebook and pen.

I feel most beautiful in:
A dress.

Fashion Icons:
Jessica Stein, Rachel Bilson, Parisian women.

Five classic essentials you think every lady should own:
1- A little black dress
2- A good pair of jeans
3- Yoga clothes that are nice enough she can stay in all day long
4- Something that she feels beautiful in and suits her body type
5- A go-to accessory (whether it’s a hat, sunglasses or a necklace)

image c/o: @sarahlewisco

image c/o: @sarahlewisco

Favorite bands/artists
My two favorite types of music I always go to or come back to are: folk/folk rock/soft rock music & mantra/new age music.

Some of my favorite artists are Jack Johnson, Tracy Chapman, Caamp, Jay Jagdeesh, Noah Kahan, Bon Iver, Snatam Kaur etc.

Ethical brands worth checking out: 
A few I ethical brands have been loving lately-

Yireh (US, HI)
Harly Jae (Canada)
Warriors of the Divine (AUS)
Folk Tribe Clothing (AUS)
Ekyog (FR)

Favorite instagrams to lurke:
@karlycakess & @tuulavintage for a good dose of inspiration.

Trend you wish never happened:
I think too many trends in general and fast fashion.

I honestly think that if we knew ourselves and our style a little better and invested in our own unique style more than in trends, fast fashion and all the damage caused by the industry wouldn’t have come this far. I’m not one to judge and I understand that we often go for trends to experiment or towards cheaper fast fashion pieces because of our budget. I have been a victim of fast fashion myself. But when you look at it from another perspective, I think fast fashion costs us more. In every possible way. We buy “cheap” clothes (made in poor countries by women or children, in terrible working conditions) that are unfortunately not good quality and only serve a trend. Those pieces last us a season - if that! But if we invest in well made, high-quality clothes that fit us well and our style and that we can keep, wear and love for several seasons and even several years, we actually save money in the long run.

image c/o: @sarahlewisco

image c/o: @sarahlewisco

Advice to those establishing an eco-conscious personal style:
One mistake we might be tempted to make when making the shift is to get rid of all our non-eco-conscious/ethical pieces and get only new clothes from ethical brands. But actually, the first step is to use what we already have and use it as much as possible.

Keep up with Sarah and her alluring and inspirational lifestyle via her instagram: @sarahlewisco & her website: