Featured Bachelorette: Mandyoh

Amanda aka Mandy aka Mandyoh aka “Mandseys”*
*Added by Tess

Where do I begin?! 
1. Mands
2. Manda
3. Smoogee
4. Mandy moo
5. Mandyoh
6. Baby. Babe. Honey. Sweet cheeks. Jk.

Birthday & Star Sign:
12/29 - Capricorn. 

Arch Expert for Benefit Cosmetics & freelance makeup artist specializing in brides :)

Amanda, describe yourself in five words: 
Genuine, caring, affectionate, passionate, honest.

Tess, describe Amanda in five words:
Delightful, hilarious, vivacious, considerate & determined. 

Favorite hobbies & top passions? 
I love going on adventures, exploring new things, & challenging myself. I'm passionate about helping people with their brows, finding the perfect cupcake, & inspiring women to love themselves despite what the social norm may be. 

Favorite food: 

Favorite flowers: 
Any color peony, David Austin roses, ranunculus, hydrangea, & I know they're not a flower but I love succulents. I hope this means flowers are getting delivered to my work.

Favorite holiday (you can say your birthday): 
July 4th & NYE! Anything with fireworks!

First e-mail address: 
Nope. Not doing it. Okay you talked me into it: a29tigger@aol.com. :/

Favorite album of all time: 
This Time Around by Hanson

Movies you love that would make or break the relationship:
I'm not super into movies.

Celebrity crush: 
Drake. Taylor Hanson. Jonah Hill & fat Rob Kardashian. 

Dream date on a weekday:
Ice cream after work & watching the sunset in a park. 

Dream date on a weekend: 
Weekend getaway doing something fun like river rafting or paddle boarding! 

Gentlemen, get at me if you are someone who: 
Thinks chivalry isn't dead.

Fella’s stay away if you are someone who: 
Thinks chivalry is dead. 

Favorite Tessie memory (it’s important for people to know): 
There are too many to name. I'll name a few only she will get though. The TV, Rooney, hot dog fiesta, FIDM, Cafe 55, pink bags in China Town, HIKING up Lombard (ugh), hall crawl, McDonald's breakfast at midnight but only in AK, Old Navy ribbed tanks, Lindsay Lohan movie marathon, IKES, we work nights, & last...SWEAAAATS!

Words of wisdom & encouragement for fabulous single gals everywhere: 
Realize what you deserve & never settle for anything less!!